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Resources last updated 5-27-15.

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  • 2014 NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) Assessment
  • About ED - Educational Associations and Organizations
    The Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD) contains information on more than 3,000 national, regional, and state education organizations including many associations that provide information and assistance on a broad range of education-related topics.

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  • 2011 FAEDS Conference PowerPoints from Sessions Presented
  1. 2011 FAEDS Keynote: Dr. Bill McBride, author of “Entertaining the Elephant,” Tue, Sep. 27, 8:30 AM  -  10:20 AM
    Video used to demonstrate attention to detail:
  2. 2011 FAEDS Changing Role of the IT Director, Tue, Sep. 27, 10:35 AM  -  11:25 AM -
    Don Manderson, Director IT, Escambia Public Schools PowerPoint
    Movie within the PowerPoint
  3. 2011 FAEDS State and Federal Legislative Update, Tue, Sep. 27, 2:15 PM  -  3:05 PM
    Jon Bernstein, Washington, DC lobbyist for Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), advocacy PowerPoint
    Bob Bedford state legislative update PowerPoint
  4. 2011 FAEDS Legislative Advocacy Workshop, Tue, Sep. 27, 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
    Jon Bernstein, Washington, DC lobbyist for Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), federal legislative update PowerPoint
  5. 2011 FAEDS Vetting LIIS Vendors with an eye to the future, Wed, Sep. 28, 8:30 AM  -  9:20 AM
    Ron Thompson, Escambia County School District

    Rubric Assessment Tool
    Rubric Assessment Tool Descriptions
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