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Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders

Legislative Updates

Education Bill Tracking List - January 14, 2016

2016 Bills and Legislator Info
1. School Safety Issues (HB 4055 by Steube and SB 1368 SROs)
2. FHSAA (SB 684, HB 31 and HB 7039)
6. Reading Instruction (HB 7021)
7. School Choice (HB 7029)
8. Class Size (HB 149 and Senate discussion)
9. Principal Pilot Autonomy Program (HB 287 SB 434)
10. Educational Choice (HB 669 SB 886)
11. Charter Schools (HB 7029 and HB 759)
12. School District Governance (HJR 539 and SB 734)
13. Public School Recess (HB 833 and SB 1002)
14. Student Assessment (SB 1360)/ Advanced International Certification of Education (HB 443 and SB 982)

Sen. Gaetz (Education Appropriations Chair) Sen. Legg (Education Policy Chair) Sen. Montford (Education Appropriations Vice Chair) Sen. Detert (Education Policy Vice Chair) Rep. O"Toole (Education Policy Chair) Rep. Manny Diaz (Choice and Innovation Chair) Rep. Adkins (K-12 Committee Chair) Rep. Fresen (Education Appropriations Chair) Rep. Crisafulli (current Speaker of the House) Sen. Gardiner (current President of the Senate) Rep. Corcoran (current Appropriations chair and incoming Speaker of the House) Sen. Negron (incoming President of the Senate) Sen. Simmons (Rules Chair) Sen. Lee (Appropriations Chair) Rep. Workman (Rules Chair)