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Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders

FCITL Membership


  • The purpose of the Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders to:
    1. Promote the enhancement of the instructional process through the effective use and integration of technology.
    2. Promote cooperation and communication among the district and state leaders who impact technology use in education.
    3. Positively influence legislation and policies regarding funding, development, and integration of instructional technology use in Florida.
    4. Recognize the vital role of the instructional technology professional and promote professional growth opportunities

Membership Eligibility

Those eligible for FCITL Membership include:

  1. Personnel from a public school district who have district-wide responsibilities
  2. DOE personnel
  3. Private school personnel
  4. Post secondary personnel
  5. Persons retired from any of the preceding positions
  6. Personnel from an organization with a public school district as a fiscal agent and Education consortia personnel
  7. Membership for personnel from a 501(c) 3 organization will be allowed with Board approval.
  8. Former FCITL members who, in their current position, can do business and realize financial gain working with districts are subject to annual review by the Board before being declared eligible for FCITL membership. Retired FCITL members, who retired in or prior to September 1999, and had retained membership through September 1999, can continue to qualify for membership regardless of future employment status.

If you satisfy the eligibility criteria, click here to Join FCITL.

Membership Year
The FCITL membership year runs from FETC to FETC. Meetings are open to members only.

Membership Dues
Dues are set by the Board of Directors. NEW members joining between July 1 and Oct 30 can receive a partial year membership as set by the Board of Directors.

You may apply for, or renew your membership by visiting the membership website at Join FCITL.

If you have questions, please contact:

Jeanine Gendron, Treasurer
13288 Compton Road
Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Ph: (754) 321-0305
Email: jeanine.gendron@browardschools.com


Alice Ray-Overstreet, Executive Secretary
Cell: 863-660-9864

Member Benefits
  1. Provides common legislative platform in order to achieve goal for preparing citizens with 21st century skills and achieving other technology related goals common to members.
  2. Provides networking opportunity with people of similar interest, including the sharing of best practices on K-20 issues.
  3. FCITL is recognized as a liaison organization with the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology. This provides for direct dialog with this office.
  4. Provides a support system for those with common issues/needs.
  5. Provides opportunity for input into the development and implementation of state initiatives.
  6. Provides the opportunity to find out what is taking place in other districts, which can be of assistance in your planning.
  7. Provides the opportunity to become part of leadership organization that sets standards.
  8. Provides for learning experiences as well as affirming actions/activities that may be taking place in your district or institution.
  9. Provides access to an informational website.
  10. Provides, with the sponsorship of participating vendors, technology updates and demonstrations of hardware and software of interest to members.